Monique Chalk

  • Monique is a musician, songwriter, and voice teacher. Here you can check out some of her music and contact her for bookings or lessons.
  • Although she specializes in vocals and keyboards, Monique plays many instruments. Her original music is available on iTunes and YouTube.
  • Monique is the musical director for the Bron Burbank Band, in which she is the piano/bass player, and backup vocalist. She also sings and plays in The Monique Chalk Ensemble.
  • Monique is an experienced voice teacher with an elite instructor's pedigree. She also teaches piano and arrangements for select students. Her availability is limited, but she does occasionally accept new students. Contact her for an audition.

Cover Tunes

"Down By The River"

Written by: Neil Young
Monique Chalk/ vocals, piano, bass,
congas, drums


Written by: Inez and Charlie Foxx
Performing live at the Blue Boar Tavern
Monique Chalk/ vocals, keyboards,
Ashley Davis/ guitar, Greg Bergon/ drums,
Rich Kopystynsky/ bass

"Take The Last Train To Clarksville"

Written by: Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart.
Monique Chalk/ vocals, guitar, congas


Written by: Charles Brown, Gene Redd
Monique Chalk/ vocals, keyboards. bass,
drums, Lewis Robertson/ guitar

"Summer Breeze"

Written by: Jim Seals, Dash Crofts
Monique Chalk/ vocals, keyboard


Written by: Don McLean
Monique Chalk/ vocals, keyboards,
bass, drums

"I Can See Clearly Now"

Written by: Johnny Nash
Monique Chalk/ vocals, keyboards,
guitar, percussion

"Time After Time"

Written by: Cyndi Lauper, Rob Hyman
Monique Chalk/ vocals, keyboards


Written by: Van Morrison, Arrangement by: Robert Spraybery
Monique Chalk/ Vocals, Bob Sprayberry/ Piano,
Lee Thornberg/ Trumpet, Simeon Piliich/ Bass, Dave Beyer/ Drums


Writen by: Harry Nilsson
Monique Chalk/ vocals, piano, bass,
congas, drums

"I Can't Make You Love Me"

Written by: Mike Reid, Allen Shamblin
Monique Chalk/ vocals, keyboard

"Baby You're A Rich Man"

Written by: John Lennon, Paul McCartney
Arrangement by: Robert Spraybery
Monique Chalk/ Vocals, Robert Sprayberry/ keyboards,
Scott Totten/ guitar

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